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About the RBLs

XMission runs two RBLs: The Botnet RBL and the General RBL. Both are lists of IP addresses which reject messages at rcpt time. If you find that an ip address of yours is on either of these RBLs, you can either remove yourself immediately from the RBL or apply for delist status, both through this page.

Keep in mind that removing yourself will not prevent yourself from being added at a future time. If you want to ensure that you do not get re-added to our RBL, please apply for delist status with the RBLs.

Botnet RBL

There are two primmary criteria for addition to the Botnet RBL. One is the SpamAssassin score, and the other is whether the reverse DNS is "client-like" (for example, mx01.mta.xmission.com is not client-like, as where 166-70-29-30.dsl.xmission.com is). After a certain number of messages that meet both these criteria, the ip address of the sending mail server is automatically added to the RBL.

If you have been added to this RBL, it is suggested that you change the PTR record for the IP address of your mail server.

General RBL

The General RBL is an rbl with ip addresses that are added manually by XMission employees. There is no one single criteria behind an addition to this RBL.

If you have been added to this RBL, you may want to verify that you do not have an open relay and that your machine has not been otherwise compromised.